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Life is too short to earn too little or/and to suffer at work - this is why we have created and implemented to Ray Trans a philosophy of PURE BUSINESS which is :

  1. Simple and clear rules - any Freight Forwarder gets to know it all in advance.
  2. Sky is the limit - everything depends on you, on your needs and involvement - both earnings and development.
  3. Zero corpo - if you have experienced it you know what it means, if you haven’t you'd better not...
  4. Your decisions - we live in the 21st century and it's time to adapt - it refers to the management style as well as to working tools. Being a freight forwarder at Ray Trans means you are the only who decides on when and how much you work - what matters are effectiveness in business and quality of work . You may work a lot or a little - the questions is what result you wish to achieve. Everything depends on you and the boss is about to be your coach, not a supervisor with a whip.

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